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About Us

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Welcome to House of Tushaom

Where Tradition Meets Modern Glamour! At House of Tushaom, we believe in the beauty of our Indian roots and the elegance they bring to the world. Founded by Sonakshi Jain, our label is a tribute to the rich heritage and traditions that make India shine. Our luxurious high quality fabrics, lovingly adorned with intricate handicrafts, merge the timeless with the contemporary, presenting a fresh silhouette that appeals universally.

We're not just about fashion, we're about empowerment. Our creations embrace Comfort, Confidence, and Contentment as core principles, reflecting the essence of a fulfilled life. With a focus on meticulously crafted, hand-glazed ensembles, our designs resonate luxury in every stitch.

As we create, we honor the artisans who preserve our invaluable traditions. Join us in celebrating the art of Indian craftsmanship, where heritage blends seamlessly with global aesthetics. Experience the magic of House of Tushaom – where each piece is a masterpiece, and every thread weaves a story.

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